Gardner Denver Blowers offer superior performance and dependability for dry bulk material handling. Load after load year after year Gardner Denver cyclo blower is the leader in efficiency. Many blower models are kept in stock.


CycloBlower Transport Series

Helical Screw Truck Blower

A range of contactless helical screw rotor Cycloblowers for use in the dry bulk road tanker markets.


The machines provide a flow range suitable for loading and discharging powders, granules, pellets and feeds at continuous pressures of up to 1.2 bar g (20 psi g)

Benefits at a glance

  • Oil free – no contamination of materials or the environment
  • Low noise emissions – available with acoustic enclosure
  • Available with hydraulic, mechanical, diesel engine and electric drive
  • Fusible plug preventing overheating

 General performance

  • T5CDL9: Maximum flow: 970 m³ / hr (570 cfm) at up to 1.2 bar g (20 psi g)
  • T5CDL12: Maximum flow: 1402 m³ / hr (825 cfm) at up to 1.2 bar g (20 psi g)

*Actual performance may vary based on system design, environment, and maintenance.

Our experienced technicians will install your blower, custom PTO and mounting brackets to meet your needs.

Our experienced service technicians will examine your blower and determine the cause of any malfunction.

All blowers are rebuilt by trained experienced technicians.